About Us

Here at MyCheriEssentiel, our mission is to provide you with unique, timeless fashions, in a world full of trends. 

It all started with my shopping addiction, which quickly turned into frustration, because I would see the same pieces, at 10 different stores! 

These days it's not uncommon to see a lot of boutiques selling the same fashions, but who wants to go to happy hour, or a night out, and see someone wearing the same outfit you have on?! Or see your co-worker in the same pencil skirt? NO ONE!! Sometimes it's inevitable, because there will be fashions that make us lose our breath, so more than one boutique may have that piece. When that does happen, our goal at MyCheriEssentiel is to provide our shoppers with better prices, faster shipping, and the best customer service possible!

Our pieces stay in style year after year. One could say they become vintage. Classic fashions and high quality for less, will never go out of style! True closet staples, that you'll receive compliments on, every time you wear them.

Find out about Mes Amours best kept secret and become a loyal shopper today! Join our Facebook group at, MyCheriEssentiel. There you will have first dibs on fashions, before everyone else. You will also be able to help MyCheri pick out the pieces you would like to see in YOUR closet, as well as special offers. Just do me one favor, please don't keep it a secret when someone asks about your outfit. Y'all know how we women can act sometimes. *smile* :0)